We are excited to announce our new Volunteer Samantha Zerah. Please join us in welcoming her into our Footprint to Freedom organization.


My name is Samantha Zerah. I was born in Uganda and at the age of 16 moved to the Netherlands.  I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree at the Hague University in Den Haag. I am a single mother to a 4-year-old boy called Nathanael, and we live in Amsterdam Zuid. My passion is speaking to, listening, empowering and encouraging single mothers and the young generation.
Tell us why you decided to volunteer with Footprint to Freedom.
I was looking for a foundation where I could offer my expertise to the community, engage with different people and Footprint to Freedom was the right place.
What can you tell us about human trafficking?
It is one of the most dehumanizing experiences any human being could ever experience.
What kind of change do you want to see in the prevention of human trafficking?
   I would like to see more survivors in places where any decisions about them are made. No advice is better than from the one who experienced what is being talked about.
 I would also like to see more compassion and understanding from the Ugandan communities back home and here so that practical solutions and preventions can be drafted.
What skills are you bringing to Footprint to freedom?
I would like to offer my knowledge of community building, Article editing, critical thinking, leadership and public speaking.
Since I speak three international languages and my native language, my linguistic skills could help in communication.
What advice do you have for people out there?
To the victims/survivors of human trafficking, you are valuable, you are not your past, and your story needs to be heard, to empower, encourage and enlighten others.

To the readers/listeners/well-wishers, by saying nothing you agree with the traffickers. Speak up, donate, and share the news.

Over the next few months, she will be working to help us build a network of befrienders and peer mentors to write and share –  https://footprinttofreedom.org/

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