Malaika Oringo speaking at Political Webinar Sexual exploitation worldwide and in Amersfoort

Sexual exploitation also occurs in the, seemingly, neat Amersfoort! As a political party, we do not want to close our eyes to this. Sexual exploitation is a form of human trafficking that deeply interferes with personal integrity. This almost always involves subversive crime. It is a problem that occurs worldwide, in the Netherlands and therefore also in Amersfoort. But it is often invisible, so there is ignorance, but unfortunately also indifference.
In the webinar we want to let people speak who know this problem up close and talk to them. In doing so, we look at what lessons, also for politics, can be drawn from this.


Malaika Orengo – founder and
CEO of Footprint to freedomAnnelies van Til – works for Bright Fame and manager El Roi

: Gert
Hunink – Council member ChristenUnie Amersfoort

20.00 hours Welcome and short introduction by Gert Hunink 20.10 hrs Malaika Orengo on the national and
international situation regarding human trafficking and sexual exploitation 20.30 hrs Annelies van Til on the local and regional situation
20.50 hrs discussion after questions from participants with Marcel de Koning
21.30 hrs closing

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