Footprint to freedom believes in strengthening partnerships and coordination in our effort to end the suffering of all victims of trafficking. With a clear solid partnership such as Liluye organization, we can collectively join hands to break the cycle that bounds vulnerable people in slavery. Our common goal with Liluye organization is empowering survivors to reclaim their lives and stolen dreams.

About Liluye organization

Liluye foundation is an NGO that creates innovative, sustainable, ethnic, exceptional, handmade products that will help trafficked survivors to reintegrate back into society by teaching them a viable trade and by providing them with income. They are extremely committed to protecting the environment as well as women. It is their intention to only use sustainable and recyclable materials in all of our processes and products to reduce waste and lessen the impact on the environment.

About the founder

The founder, Jill Langhus-Griffin, has always been a compassionate feminist, who believes in equal rights for everyone. She firmly believes that she chose this life, the people and events in them, for a reason. Her personal history of childhood abuse (sexual, mental, and physical) has enabled her to be extremely compassionate toward others who have suffered or who are suffering. It has also made her determined to make a difference in this world.

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