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"An Empowered Survivor Makes Traffickers Vulnerable"

Who We Are

We are human trafficking survivor experts, leading the way to a climate smart future without Modern-day slavery


Footprint to Freedom is founded and run exclusively by survivors’ vision of an ambitious, resilient, and immensely passionate survivor, Malaika Oringo. The organization champions survivor-led initiatives to combat human trafficking and Sustainable Development goals focusing on  SDG 1 and SDG 3, SDG 8, and SDG 13 to influence attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs towards climate change and human trafficking in the Netherlands and East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda). Our work focuses on six-interlinked approaches: Prevention, Education, Empowerment, Engagement, Reintegration, and Advocacy


A world where survivors of human trafficking are thriving members of the community, leading change in policies, restoring survivors and SDGs


To break the cycle of human trafficking by creating opportunities for survivors to thrive and promote survivor engagement, survivor leadership to take a lead in the fight against human trafficking and empowerment to self-sufficiency.


To provide support and protect victims and survivors.  

To provide education and training (empowerment) for victims and survivors.  

To promote an inclusive society to ensure that survivor voices are central to any anti-slavery effort.  

Facilitate a united survivor network in EASTAFRICA /AFRICA/THE NETHERLANDS

What We Do



— Research

We research survivor experiences in service provision and need assessment to safeguard a strength-based approach in the recovery of survivors. We develop tools to support survivor involvement in research and education We can help you to engage well with survivors in your research project, and recruit survivor participants and peer researchers.


— Education and training

We educate about ethical storytelling and trauma-informed practice and survivor engagement.  We provide survivor-led training for practitioners, organizations, and survivors, and law enforcement. We can speak at your event or run training or workshops.  



We run survivor-led projects to raise awareness about human trafficking, amplify survivors’ voices and co-create change with survivors. If you’re a survivor and want to turn your pain into the power to impact and influence change, we want to hear from you.   You can reach out to EdithBernadette Solution and Consultancy (

We promote survivor empowerment, inclusion and engagement and  seeks to create alternative livelihood options among women and girls who are most likely to migrate, as well as returnees; Through survivor-led empowerment groups, community-based savings and loan mechanisms to overcome economic, personal, and social barriers and open new employment opportunities 

Our comprehensive model puts survivors at the center of what we do. We Empower, Advocate and Promote survivors as valuable assets in crafting the right policies, services and effective strategies that address prosecution, protection, prevention of human trafficking and labour laws’. Our survivor-led  intervention programs help survivors rebuild their lives, find their voices and become leaders in the fight to end commercial sexual exploitation and labour exploitation .

our values


— Survivor centered

We recognize that survivors contain the tools within themselves to heal. We encourage them to own their stories and not tie them to their victim experience as part of their identity.


— Integrate

We engage survivors and partners in an integrative healing process to mobilize the end of modern slavery. We prioritize experiences and emotions over prescriptive knowledge to transmute their trauma into positive change.



We preserve a zero-oppression policy, where people from all cultures, religion, abilities, race, gender, sexual orientation, and socio-economic class are welcome. 


— We Educate

we  transform the world’s vision for victims and survivors of human trafficking.


— Transformational

we  transform the world’s vision for victims and survivors of human trafficking.


— We Consult

We believes that, the only way to eradicate human trafficking is by giving survivors of human trafficking a voice and the opportunity to lead.

The Founder

About the Founder / CEO / Consultant on Combating Human Trafficking and Survivor Inclusion and Engagement

Malaika Oringo is the founder and CEO of Footprint to Freedom (2019), a survivor-led organization. She is a talented advocate and speaks up against human trafficking and stands up for victims’ rights and works to strengthen the survivor’s inclusion and engagement. She has spoken on various stages throughout Europe, e.i; Paris, Geneva, Athens, London, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Raised in Uganda in harsh conditions and exploited in the Netherlands, she has devoted her life to fight against human trafficking. For the past 17 years, Malaika has been intensively involved in the fight against human trafficking as a representative of the Salvation Army. She believes survivors are the most significant stakeholders in the fight against human trafficking thus, they should sit a very decision-making table from community level to national level and international level.  she lobbied at the European Commission and has spoken at the European Parliament about the gaps in the current approach human trafficking. She also advised on the best practices that can provide victim centered trauma informed and survivor centered approaches to improve response to survivors and victims’ needs.

As CEO of Footprint to Freedom, she speaks up for the victims of human trafficking and creates awareness of the exploitation situations in which many women find themselves. She has special interest in her home country Uganda and the neighboring countries Kenya and Tanzania. She sees a large number of women from these countries who are exploited in the Middle East who return to their homeland in absolute devastation. Without the right alternative’s traffickers target these women give them false hopes that Europe is the answer to their hopelessness but instead they end up being re- trafficked and re-victimized.

She is on a mission to create an army of survivor leaders, an alert community, just laws and policies and well-informed service providers.

Team Members

Hamza Hassan Madong

My name is Hamza Hassan Madonga I was born and bred in the slums of Kenya where distinguishing dinner from danger is an essential life skill, by the help of God, good upbringing, hard work and mentors I was able to light a path for myself and now I am lighting other peoples candles through Motivational speaking, mentorship and Community mobilization and development

Lumala Senkumba Mustapha

videographer /photographer

I am a Ugandan residing in Nairobi Kenya, a dedicated filmmaker and photographer with  6 years  of  working experience in both professional and freelance photography, Documentaries, commercial  in different part of Africa

Anna Woudstra

social worker Netherlands

Works as an outreach employee at the Salvation Army with men and women working in prostitution and as social worker for victims and survivors of human trafficking. She is dedicated to Footprint to freedom’s mission of breaking the cycle of human trafficking .

Hani IGA

CEO Afrocentrik Ltd

Hani IGA is the CEO Afrocentrik Ltd /Founder of Youth and children digital empowerment fund. I believe that there is an intersection between human trafficking and unemployment among youth, we bridge this gap by taping path ways to slavery through skill building and social empowerment of future victims and returned survivors of human trafficking.

Rashid M. Asuman

Graphic design and digital marketing

Growing up without educational support, I invested in my passion inGraphic designing . I take pride in saying that I am doing what I love doing at same time empowering the next generation to use their creativity to make an impact. I believe design creates culture and  shapes values and values determine the future. 

Impact Stories


My name is Senga Jean Baptiste I’m 29 years, as a young child alone on the streets of Rwanda, I survived many terrible things throughout the years with no chance to education food and shelter, this left me vulnerable to child trafficking. I was deceived by a trafficker who promised me a job but instead I ended up in the republic of Congo as a child soldier forced to fight on the behalf of the rebels. After my escape back to Rwanda, I vowed to protect and prevent street children from becoming victims like me. I started a foundation the soul of the Rwanda to care for street children by using acrobatics to reach out to the street children to raise awareness about human trafficking in Rwanda. As a Survivor, I am glad to partner with Footprint To Freedom Organization because the organization is led by a survivor of human trafficking like me and it empowered me, supported me and trained me to become a leader to support other survivors. 


Claas and Malaika met in 2018. Touched by her story,

Claas wrote a song called Survived. Really grasping the mission Malaika is on, he emphasized how she turned her hopelessness into celebrating life. The chorus contains the real message of the song Today is a Good Day!  Meaning Malaika survived the unspeakable and now lives a good life. But in the here and now it also means that beside the bad days, she can be happy, because TODAY is a good day. website link


Footprint to freedom educates schools on the early warning signs to the youngest at risk to human trafficking. Footprint to freedom seeks to create alternative livelihood options among women and girls who are most likely to migrate, as well as returnees; Through survivor-led empowerment groups, community-based savings and loan mechanisms to overcome economic, personal, and social barriers and open new employment opportunities.

Street barber project Kenya children in the slum

Street children in Kenya are perceived to be perpetrators as well as victims of crime. They are exploited, abused, and used as drug mules, pressed into commercial sex, and manipulated or bribed into the fire-bombings




Paul Koster



Ineke van Buren



Renate Harkema


Help us reach our target

1-How to help us change lives of survivors

Your donation will help us train survivor professionals across East Africa to, advocate for effective, just policies and legislation, and build alert communities about human trafficking

2-Sign up to be a survivor sponsor

When we receive your donation, we will spend your donation on training survivors’ vocational skills, Mentorship, life skills, tuition fee, reintegration and psychological counseling. The survivor gets sustainable skills and Secure employment .You can make your donation quickly and easy by visiting our  intervention program   

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How to help us change lives of survivors


Your donation will help us train survivor professionals across East Africa to, advocate for effective, just policies and legislation, and build alert communities about human trafficking.